The Best 1-Day Trips Out of London

The Best 1-Day Trips Out of London

Some of London’s most beautiful and intriguing places are only a short train or car ride away from the city. In a couple of hours, you can be wandering around a stately home, marvelling at a stunning cathedral, seeing the remains of old relic or having lunch in a haunted and historic pub. If you are in need of the best one-day trip inspiration or cannot decide where to go, following are some of the best day trips you need to discover. Keep reading →

Lovebox Festival

Lovebox Festival

Once again we’ve been hit by the festival season, and the next runner up is Lovebox festival in Victoria Park. This weekend the park will be taken over by a range of stages, each with artists from all over the world playing their hits all weekend.

For those who are fans of electronic beats, you’ll have the amazing originality of Jamie XX, Chase & Status, and Bicep, amongst other artists.

The line-up also includes the amazing music of Solange, Sample, Kaytranada, Frank Ocean, Mac Miller, and many more amazing artists that it’s impossible to include them all!

Alongside the music stages, there’ll be a series of sponsored bars, a hip-hop karaoke camp, ping pong battles, a Photo Booth and of course a wide array of amazing food and drink stalls.

There are still some 2-Day Tickets and Saturday Tickets available to purchase here, and they are starting at £77.25.

5 Amazing Events in London This May

5 Amazing Events in London This May

In London, May means it is time to venture into the great outdoor activities and fun in the city, as well as start soaking up everything that it has to offer. You will never run out of something to do or somewhere to go in May in London, whether it is just visiting a city farm, going to a rooftop bar or strolling around the best parks in the city.

If you are new and don’t know exactly where to go or what activity to involve in, here are some of the most amazing events in London in May you should never miss.

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London’s Best Brunch Spots

London’s Best Brunch Spots

Brunch is an all-time staple for anyone who’s a food fan. Whether you go early in the morning or late, you’re bound to find something that’ll get you up and ready for the rest of the day. These are some of our favourite finds from around the capital.

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London’s Best Markets

London’s Best Markets

With plenty of markets across the city at different times and places, it is hard to know which ones you should visit. We thought to put together the major ones, including street food collectives and food markets to make sure you are getting what you want, and going to the right places.

Berwick Street Market

This market has been around in Soho since the 18th Century, with traders selling flowers, fruit and vegetables, and street food. Getting busy around lunch-time, their food stalls include Souvlaki, burritos, Jerusalem Falafel and Savage Salads.

Open Monday through Saturday, 8am – 6pm


Brick Lane Market

Known for its curry houses, Brick Lane is one of the growing parts of London. However, there is a great market to be found here where a selection of street food traders set up everyday, right around the corner from Boxpark. They have the now-famous Rib Man with his spicy baps, and also fresh produce that you can buy.

Around the corner you will also find the Upmarket on Sundays, where people are selling a variety of clothing, toys, antiques, jewellery and more. All in all, this area is bustling at all times, and well worth a visit.

Open Saturday (11am – 6pm), and Sunday (10am – 5pm)


Borough Market

London’s oldest food market, this is where you will find not only a selection of fast food and takeaway options, but a lot of fresh produce, fish, and meat stalls where many of London’s restauranteurs will even shop. 

The stall owners are also very knowledgeable on their produce and are happy to share the story of where their foods come from, and offer you advice with cooking and finding the best produce as well. 

Open Monday-Thursday (10am – 5pm), Friday (10am – 6pm), and Saturday (8am – 5pm)


Lower Marsh Market

If you’re in the Waterloo area, this is by far the best for lunch options in the area. Open Monday through Friday, this is one of London’s oldest street food markets and plays host to some amazing food such as Cuban sandwiches, great cakes, and a healthy salad option.

If you visit the market on Saturdays, it is more like a flea and produce market.


Inside London’s Vegan Fried Chicken Shop

Inside London’s Vegan Fried Chicken Shop

As most people know, Fried Chicken is not really a vegetarian dish. However, Temple of Hackney in Shoreditch has opened a permanent store selling a Vegan Fried Chicken. Made of Seitan (also know as wheat meat), this food resembles the taste and texture of fried chicken, including the crispy outside.

Within a week of opening, the queues to enter this store are insane, with patrons waiting an hour or longer to get their food. An average meal of two pieces and chips costs £8, a little steeper than your average chicken shop but that is common amongst vegan and vegetarian food – often put down to the price of the lifestyle.

On the whole, the food is considered to be good but not amazing, but more a revolution in terms of the vegetarian diet. If you want to visit Temple of Hackney, they are open from Noon-8pm, Wednesday-Sunday.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

London’s Best Brunch

London’s Best Brunch

Brunch is an indulgent, great way to start your weekend or lazy days. With London being one of the cities with the most concentrated cafes, there are plenty of amazing spots to try out for brunch. These are just some of our favourites.

Granger & Co

With queues being a normality here, Granger & Co takes global inspiration for its menu and offers some of the best when it comes to brunch. They have classics such as their ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter, or eggs with a variety of toppings including things like miso mushrooms, pestos, and harrisa paste.
175 Westbourne Grove, W11 | 50 Sekforde Street, EC1R

sourced from Granger & Co.

Dragon Castle

Whilst dim sum may not necessarily be considered a brunch spot, Dragon Castle in Walworth Road is definitely worth a consideration. They have large palatial doors offering a grand entrance. With an authentic Cantonese style menu, they have reasonably priced dim sum which gives you a slightly heartier, warmer brunch experience. Get yourself some steamed prawn and chive guo, or pastries, or the all-time favourite: spring rolls.

100 Walworth Road, SE17

sourced from Dragoncastle


If you are looking for something bright and breezy for a lazy weekend, then M1LK is definitely a good stop. They have some amazing sandwiches and egg dishes, and they have an interesting Australian influence. You can find the Balham branch of M1LK on Hildreth street, and they have great Caravan coffee and local Brixton bread on their menu.

20 Bedford Hill, SW12

sourced from Instagram

Duck & Waffle

If you’re a fan of heights, Duck & Waffle may be the one for you. Located on the 40th floor of the Heron tower, they have stunning views and great food. Their chef Dan Doherty is famous for dishes such as crispy pigs’ ear served in a paper bag, or the titled Duck & Waffle. 

Heron Tower, EC2N

sourced from Duck & Waffle

The London Classic Car Show 2017

The London Classic Car Show 2017

Are you a fan of Classic Cars? Once again the London Classic Car Show is coming to the city in ExCeL London, highlighting a celebration of past and present motor vehicles. This year entry also grants complimentary access to a new co-located show, Historic Motorsport International.

You can see and hear your favourite cars in action at The Grand Avenue, with cars running through throughout the day. If you’re interested in listening to individuals talk about their passion and expertise of classic cars, this can be found at Speakers’ Corner.

The show will be as spectacular as any previous shows, and this year features a focus on the history of Ferrari, highlighting 70 years of Ferrari race cars.


Interesting, Lesser-known Places to Visit in London

Interesting, Lesser-known Places to Visit in London

If you’re thinking of visiting London soon, you’ve probably started putting together the list of places you want to see and restaurants you want to try. However, there are a few, smaller quirky things that you may want to consider when you are visiting, and they are things that we will be covering in this article today.

Miniature London

Whilst you can climb to the top of the Shard and take in a great view of the London skyline, there’s an easier way you can do it from the ground. Just along from Goodge street at New London Architecture’s Offices, you can find a small scale model of the capital city. It covers the majority of Central London, from Paddington to Kings Cross, as well as all the major sights you’ll see.

Speedy’s Cafe

This cafe may not seem like much when you first visit it in Camden, but you’ll notice quickly that it is the cafe used in the modern revamp of Sherlock Holmes featuring Benedict Cumberbatch. The owners haven’t massively played on the feature, but you can buy a small souvenir in the form of a t-shirt or mug if you fancy it. They also have a great breakfast, which is a massive bonus.

The Brutalist Barbican

The Barbican is a Brutalist Apartment block built in the Capital in the 60s. It is home to a museum, the biggest conference centre in Europe, and a cinema. Right in the middle, however, lies a garden oasis with waterfalls and a great pond. It is a lovely little oasis hidden amongst these overarching concrete buildings. They also have a conservation house which houses a variety of exotic animals and plants.

The Skateboard Graveyard

Hungerford Bridge’s Southern Pier has been the final resting place for a variety of skateboards since 2009. If you visit the site, you’ll see a shrine to the sport.

6 Gifts You Shouldn’t Give on Chinese New Year

6 Gifts You Shouldn’t Give on Chinese New Year

The Chinese Calendar follows the lunar year, making its months slightly shorter which means in turn that it falls on different dates of the Gregorian calendar. This year it falls on the 28th January, and shall be celebrating the Year of the Rooster.

Traditionally family and friends will meet and celebrate together and exchange gifts, however there are certain gifts that should be avoided as they are considered unlucky. Here’s a list to help you get ready for the upcoming celebration.


A handkerchief is considered a gift of parting and so if given it is often assumed that you are saying goodbye forever.

Sharp objects

Sharp objects, similar to the handkerchief, are seen as cutting ties with a person. This can be seen negatively, and so it is often best to avoid gifts of knives or scissors on Chinese New Year. A common saying in Chinese is “one slash two parts” which China signifies the ending of a friendship.


Shoes are a bad idea again as the word for shoes in Chinese is very similar to the word for bad luck or evil. It is also something that you stand on and wear away, which is why they are also considered a bad gift.

The Number 4

In similar fashion to the shoes, the word for the number four is very similar to the word for death in Chinese, and is considered unlucky. This also means avoiding gifts that come in sets of four.


Clocks are the symbol of time running out which is why they are often viewed as a rude gift, especially if given to seniors. The word is also very similar to the word for attending a funeral ritual. It is a big no in Chinese culture to gift someone a watch or clock.


Giving gifts of fruit is common on Chinese New Year but one to avoid is the pear. The word for pears is very similar to the word for parting or leaving and so can be seen again as a gift referring to saying goodbye.

We hope that this list is useful for you if you are looking to buy gifts and celebrate Chinese New Year in London.